Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kaw Nation Pow Wow, Oklahoma

Kaw Nation Pow Wow was a very rewarding and fun outing!

We just returned home from two days at the Kaw Nation Pow Wow in Oklahoma where we displayed products from Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts.

One special thing happened that excited me! On Saturday morning a gentleman in his forties talked to Bob about his books on display. They discussed HRAY-MAH Jesus Christ is Coming!, during most of their conversation. He bought the book.

Now Bob sells many books so this was not the interesting excitement? That evening around 6pm the gentleman returned, He was excited!

As he explained: During the day he sat and read the First Volume of a three volume set and said: “This book is unbelievable. I have never read someone writing like this in a style unlike all former Christian books I have read. It was like you were sitting next to me and talking to me as I read your book. Bob! I did not tell you this morning that I am an Ordained Minister and your book has touched my life.” Bob smiled and they both sat and talked some more. Yet! It was even greater? For another also bought book one and came back that night to get Volume two! (A future sharing perhaps?)

He had returned, due that he had finished reading Volume one and now bought Hray-Mah Gods Word To A Man (Volume 2) from Bob. That was neat!

Bob once more autographed this second book: But, to the gentleman’s son as requested by the buyer. This interested Bob and they both talked once more for a very long time. I watched as Bob autographed a limited Print of Winter Warrior to the gentleman’s son as a Gift. That was exciting to me!

While getting my own regalia on for dancing in the Great Circle I discovered I had forgotten some of it on the table back home. A first for Ole Annlee. Especially forgetting my Dance Fan! Nevertheless, all turned out ok because I simply borrowed one off our displays and went out dancing.

A blessing for Our Booth also took place! A very well known Elder Native American stopped by and asked if he could sit down. Of course we replied! As he sat there he started to open the long precious bag he was carrying and with gentle care removed six Native Flutes and set them down in a pattern on the table next to him. Without a word spoken or exchanged he began playing his flutes. Changing from one flute to another and the music soared through the air even to the Spirits there. He played one song upon each flute as he sat with us, and as a crowd formed around the booth listening.

He is known as “Flute Man” to the entire Nations.

Flute Man blessed us with his music, and returned four more times to sit, visit and play for us. This was a Great Honor and very Special Blessing upon our booth, crafts and us.

At a Pow Wow one can never predict what will occur next? A young Native gentleman had his booth right next to ours’. He was doing washable and safe tattoo art. Bob spent shared time with this young Native Craftsman, and they became friends. A rewarding adventure around the corner has begun.

I hope you enjoy this short sharing:

Mugwa! Annlee

Annlee Cakes