Monday, September 27, 2010

Standing Bear Pow Wow, Ponca City, Oklahoma

We had an interesting story for our crafts booth this year at Standing Bear Pow Wow?

We have been vending there for years--But, we did change our registered name with the Tribe. This name change caused them to move us off the regulars listing for venders to unlisted. We thought we had a booth space only to discover we did not and the waiting list was very long they informed us. After discussions the day before the Pow Wow; We were asked to send pictures of our booth: Instead we sent a video of our crafts! Bingo! We had our vending space once more under the new name change. They are very warm hearted and caring to all in every respect, and we are so glad The Board allowed us the privilage of setting up Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts vending booth.

The Pow Wow had as we saw it around 2000 plus attending Friday Night, and about 1500 plus on Saturday. The food was delicious and the fellowship fantastic.

I did have a great blessing occur! My granddaughter and my eldest daughter both joined me in the Dance Circle for the very First Time. Their first time in the Circle and that was my great blessing. While this blessing was fantastic? I had another!  My sister Melodie entered the Circle for the her very First Time and we danced to the Drum in Joy!

If you can attend next year this event is worth the trip!  You will find staff and dancers friendly, open and concerned enough to take special time to answer any questions you may have about the Pow Wow or Native American Traditions.

Here is a video depicting my Native American Craft Booth.

As always you are invited to visit Annlee Cakes