Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Update about Annlee Cakes Sharing of Super Links

A writing from Annlee: Update about Annlee Cakes and a sharing of Super Links

Updated: January 23rd  2011

As we adventure through developing marketing and testing ideas and even web sites for the best advertising and providing our customers with the Best Online Shopping a few bumps are expected along the way.

Of course your exploring and enjoying our Online Store is our greatest goal each day.


We appreciate every time you share it with family and friends, and when you click to visit and shop our many products.

Our Book Division is open at our online store representing Author/Artist Robert W. Vincent and we also invite you to visit his Main Books and download some free books and videos!


Annlee Cakes also has its own mini web personal site where we share Tips and Tricks about decorating cakes and more information about Annlee Cakes. Please visit.

http://annleecakes.tripod.com/       You will enjoy what you discover!

We also invite you to visit You Tube for the wonderful videos produced by the Bear Cave

Productions including the World's ONLY Talking Pomeranian "Wolf"


We now have a Super Blog created and active online: Wow!

May I suggest visiting it and especially read the "computer tips" section which will explain how YOU ALONE can protect your systems from the embed attacks hitting the internet and destroying every computer it hits. This is serious and Bob explains all about it.

Of course if you desire you can sign in for FREE E-Mail notice every time Bob adds.


As a small business located in Arkansas City, Kansas the idea of expanding via the internet is

something we are trying to do especially with our Native American Regalia and Crafts Division which is our newest adventure in expanding from Pow Wow Shows to live internet stores.

Your help by visiting even if you only look and dream is very appreciated by us, and we say:

Thank you and Blessings to you and yours!         Annlee