Friday, February 4, 2011

My new book has just been published!

Our booklet is a sharing about Native American traditions, culture and pow wows as well as some Fire Ring stories. Sharing the etiquette and respect with the reasoning’s and whys in a simple Fashion from our Walk upon the pathways set before us each day.

We have sold  this booklet in a test sale short form before final printing at every Pow Wow and were thrilled that many Native Americans purchased one for their very own children to read. It is a simple booklet, and yet the information is right on to Traditions, Culture and Ceremonies. In full color!

It is deeply detailed in Traditions which are thousands of years of heritage Culture of the Native Americans.

The download is a lower cost way to enjoy our sharing. Only $ 1.99

However, the paperback has a neat special gift.

The booklet comes in full copy paper size as we desired it to be.

One page: is a High Definition nice size print of “Winters Warrior”

Which can be matted and framed !

This print normally sells retail at $80.00 and over 50 have been sold in Arkansas City in December at the Gallery Price of $80.00.

Bob's art is on display all over Arkansas City, Kansas and this is very exciting. THE FIRST OFFICIAL ART DISPLAY was in OCTOBER 2009. The 2011 Art Special Showing Display is now being put together. All Art is on continuous display within Arkansas City, Kansas businesses.

So you receive Our Special Gift absolutely FREE if you buy the paperback.

Bob is a recognized Artist and Author.


Native American Traditions Shared "A booklet"

We are very excited about this:  If you view it at Lulu please do not look at the book price itself?

Look at the DOWNLOAD PRICE  of $ 1.99

That is why we used Lulu so that we could have a direct download for everyone that is quick and very easy.

Take a peek!

It is a very remarkable booklet

Today, we received our First Print of this publication. The quality of the finished booklet by our printing company was beyond anything we would have thought of. The picture for example of "Winter Warrior" is absolutely stunning. We thank all the folks at our printing company for this High Definition Printed Booklet. We are reminded that it looks and feels in its 8x11 size like a magazine, except the clarity is ten fold better.

You may order our new book from us Today!

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery to You.

Titled: Native American Traditions Shared "A booklet"

Published by: The Bear Cave System

Authors: Robert W. Vincent and Trulee Ann "STANDLEE" Wells

Product Details

ISBN 978-1-4583-8123-1

Copyright Robert William Vincent (Standard Copyright License)

Edition 1st

Publisher Bear Cave Systems

Published February 4, 2011

Language English

Pages 30

Binding Saddle-stitch Paperback

Interior Ink Full color

Dimensions (inches) 8.5 wide 11.0 tall


Bob releases 2 New very limited Art Prints

We are excited as new type cameras have been able to capture
wall murals created by Bob and they Print to Canvas Exactly.

Read and view more about Bob's Art Originals and Limited Prints:  Bobs Art