Saturday, November 5, 2011

We are super excited over the gorgeous art creations for the covers and sleeves for:

Kindle Readers......Nooks.....and for iPads

Using the art paintings of Arkansas City, Kansas artist/author Robert William Vincent to design and create hundreds of beautiful covers and sleeves for the Kindle Reader, the Nook and the for iPads.

They are ready for great Christmas gift ideas! Or as a gift all year round.

Available only from Annlee Cakes at our CafePress shops.

We have had our shops there sinse 2005 serving customers worldwide with Bob's Master Art creations and designs on over 3000 items.

Christmas ideas for the entire family, friends, relatives and even for pets.

We invite you to come and take a peek! Great ideas to help you for that special Christmas gift.

These are signed print editions of Art Master Paintings, and exclusive to Annlee Cakes.

May you enjoy exploring all the art designed and created covers and sleeves by pabear48.

And, we have an entire Christmas section for great gift ideas and presents.

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