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2012 is an Exciting Year by Annlee Cakes of Arkansas City, Kansas


Winter winds are gone from the Kansas skies but replaced by the Spring winds of change and growth. Just like the changes of Mother earth we are changing all the time as a developing business with 7 online stores.
Winter's crafting has brought many new Native American Regalia seed beaded items to our Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts.

We have expanded our Bear Charms and More to over 40,000 hand designed Artwork products for home, office and a clothing line for the entire family.

Vintage Native American Regalia now being offered by Annlee Cakes


We are honored to represent D.D. Dennis

From the private collection of D.D.Dennis who has been collecting Native American Regalia for over 40 years comes the most beautiful hand crafted pieces from many years ago. Each item is 100 percent authentic and was worn in the Great Circle.

These are ready for display in a museum as is, or with some tender care ready to wear once more into the Great Circle by a new owner.

Some are beautiful brain tanned buffalo. Hand crafted very special! Each a prise of it's own.

Come and take a peek!

Annlee cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts

One of the Rarest Dobby Statutes is being offered by Annlee Cakes

Original Theater Promotional "Dobby"

With movable right arm! And, the exact casting flaw they each had.

We have scored the internet and cannot find any other Dobby being offered anywhere in the World with the Theater Original "Adjustable Arm" and the tell tale casting mistake just above the left knee. THIS IS A VERY RARE DOBBY!

This is not a line run or reproduction or secondary series.

Passive little Dobby, The elf from Harry Potter can now be yours as this adorable Dobby. This hard resin statue has the code number (sO3) stamped on the Official Harry Potter Logo. It stands a full 2 feet 4 inches and has movable hand.

This particular Dobby was a prize in a Theater Promotion contest in Arkansas City, Kansas and the winner has now asked us to sell this original promotional Dobby statue which is one of the rare theater promotional give-a-way Dobbys. It does not have the acrylic display case because they never had the case for it when it was in the contest give-a-way. The Burford theater ran the contest through the Arkansas City Library where they had a wonderful Harry Potter display along with this Dobby. It was won with the luck of the draw from a simple drawing type contest in 2003.

When the movie came out this was a Theater Promotion Contest drawing. They came as promos from the movie for the theaters to give away and in this regard,are even more Special and of course far more collectable. They were a very limited production item made for Theater Promotion, and in casting they each had a small type crack on the Left Knee

It is is beautiful condition but not perfect mint condition.

This is one of the "RARE" Original Theater Productions for Advertising the movie release.

Fully movable Right Hand. With the Original imprint number ( 2 )

Butt has the "Original" casting dot.

Slight wear on the nose and the lip area. (Zoom the photos)

Slight wear on the unmovable left arm hand. (Zoom the photos)

Original left knee imperfection casting crack.(Zoom the photo)

Dobby!! Lovable and mischievous the house-elf who served the Malfoy family and befriended Harry Potter. Beautifully detailed, and statue stands approx. 28 inches tall.

This is an original Theater Promotional Dobby that was used, and promoted the book/movie release.
Very few were made for this purpose?

In the originals used exclusive to the Theater Promotions "Dobby" had a tell tale (small crack line on the left knee) This unique difference ONLY was on the promotional Dobbys used for the Theaters to promote the movie release at their theater.

Since the release artists have tried to duplicated them (and the copies sell for over $500) but this is one of the few remaining originals. The statue is in very good shape except few minor scrapes on his nose (see picture) and the casting imperfection crack in his left knee (which was a common flaw only in the originals). Again this is not a copy or reproduction run?

Code imprint is (s03)

It is an original, limited production display for Thaeater Promotion, and that makes it highly collectable. It was won by our collector now asking us to market this unique Original Theater Promotional Dobby.

Our collector is now serving in the Army over seas. She won Dobby in 2003.

House Elves have special magical powers but are bound to obey their masters. Dobby was formerly the Malfoy's house elf, but Harry tricked Lucius into setting him free. As a free elf, Dobby went to work at Hogwarts and although he was at times an annoyance, he remained loyal to Harry, using his special powers to protect him in the direst of times.

Any questions? Please feel free to call us at 620-441-8656

Or if you can, we suggest flying in and see this remarkable and rare Dobby.

This extremely RARE Dobby just may the actual movie "prop" used?

1. We suggest this because it has an articulated right arm. ( Move-able)

2. We suggest this because of the "Extra long Nose" which once showed in the movie when Dobby told a lie.?

3. The eyes appear different than any we have explored?

4. The number 2 imprinted on the movable section of the arm?

Lastly, after hundreds of hours researching these factors: Nothing like them is anywhere on the entire Internet.

If this is the actual one used as the movie prop it is "priceless",but so far we cannot confirm nor deny this possibility. We keep searching the internet! As of today, this Dobby is ONE OF THE RAREST known!

Come and take a peek!  With pictures!

Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts

Bear Charms and More by pabear48

Our shops opened in 2005 and have grown into one of the largest art painting designed products by Arkansas City, Kansas artist and author Robert William Vincent.

The shop has a beautiful line of art designed clothing for everyone including children, adults and babies. Even a line for the pets!

Wonderful drink ware to keep things hot or cold. Unique and available only from our shops because the artwork copy rites belong to Mr. Vincent. We also offer his art from the shops in prints of different sizes and a ready to hang fully framed Master Art Print for the home and office decor.

Mugs for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Regular size and large as well as a stackable set of 4.

Yes! We have products designed for the Holidays. Check out the Holiday sections and sub-sections within them for thousands of choices. Including Greeting cards!

Charm jewelry for the distinctive woman makes a perfect gift.

We now carry pillow cases, Duvets and shower curtains each designed with Bob's art paintings and more. And, wallets as well as bags and womens shoulder units and beach bags. Also very neat flip flops!

Cases, sleeves and covers for many products like Kindle, ipod, ipad, Nexus and more phones and readers.

You are invited to come and explore! Perfect gift ideas!

Bear Charms and More


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