Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013 Obama Care Glitch Discovered

Major Glitch Discovered 2/01/2013

Obama Care major glitch was discovered that could cost a family of four about $ 20,000 a year for health insurance coverage. News media released the discovery: 2/1/2013
Obama Care has different set policies a family or individual may purchase. The lowest coverage is the Bronze level. The Bronze level as well as the other levels like Silver and Gold and others has a major glitch. The White House released on 2/2/2013 after the news media released the discovery of the glitch that they blamed Congress and that the White House had nothing to do with it, but knew it was in the Bill. They thought the IRS would simply fix it?

The IRS did not fix it! Because the Supreme Court deemed Obama Care as a "TAX" upon the American people, and the IRS is the collector of all TAX.

Democrats in Congress on 2/2/2013 blamed the Republicans for the glitch also.

When the Health Care Bill was passed which we now call Obama Care the Congress in both the House and the Senate were Democratic controlled. To now place the blame on the Republicans is silly, but fully expected. Because the Democrats of today and the White House put every mistake and problem as created and done by the Republicans.

They knew this glitch and many more were written into the Bill, but passed it any way. Mandatory Health Insurance must be bought by every American by 2014.  Would you have still voted for Obama if you knew this glitch was arriving, and Obama knew it existed?  I am sure Americans in the least would have pondered upon it before casting their vote if they had been told the truth.

The media is now saying many many more glitches exist that will come to light as the Bill is Acted upon.

Let us also note that within that Bill were slight of hand money expenditures they did not want people to look upon? 
For example there were hundreds of millions for "High Speed Rail". This money has been totally spent and nothing arrived in High Speed Rail? That my fellow Americans is a fact!  

Obama Care is going to cost and effect American families far far more than anyone understands now or even when passed. It was forced upon us all. Fully activated this Bill may break the entire American economy. 
Remember the Bronze policy is the lowest one with the least coverage and it's $ 20,000 for a family of four.
We suggest searching for more information on the internet and becoming informed Americans.
Although it appears to late to stop the affects of Obama Care going totally active on January 1st 2014.
As Americans let our Voices Be Heard
We cannot afford to be duped again?
The Voice Of The People shall be heard across America

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