Thursday, May 16, 2013

President Obama and his Benghazi ORDER


Usually, I stay pretty silent about politics? How ever, the deaths at Benghazi need to be addressed by all Americans. We deserve the true facts about it.

The one fact about Benghazi while under attack is that they DID ask for assistance. That we can all agree upon: They did ask for military help. They did call for help! They did call Washington! Survivors testified to this fact in Congress.

Only one person in this Nation decides to send military into harms way or decides not to send military help into harms way. Our Commander In Chief.

That person had to be asked what to do? The choice made was no military aid or response while under attack would be sent to Benghazi. Only the President makes the choice what ever that choice is. In this case send help or Order all forces to Stand Down.

That was and remains what everyone is in fear of looking at. And, if you think a General of any Rank could have sent aid, FEST, troops or even planes by their choice: Forget that approach: Only our Commander in Chief makes the choice to send help or not send help.

Talking points after the attack have little meaning when the real question remains unasked.

Ask the question:

What was the order given by our Commander in Chief?

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