Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September at Annlee Cakes of Arkansas City, Kansas

September has arrived and the heavy pow wow season begins with the White Cloud tarditional affair. Then we go to Standing Bear and finally the Kaw pow wow.
Hope to see you there!
We are excited about all three.
For we have designed and crafted so many new Regalia items that the list would fill page afater page. Some have now been placed at our Online Shop.
August was a very rewarding month!
We were honored to bring back many vintage items and repair them to original in the best ways we can. We also made two very wonderful friends in Texas and look forward to a friendship growing even after repairing their beautiful vintage regalia.
You can read about a repair and see photos at:
Repair of a possible bag      Please share the link with friends!
The gardens did quite well, and many cucumbers were given away. Along with some fun other things. Like our new grown licorich plants. They are fun eating the flowers and even the stems are edible. A few of our neighbor firemen are seen pinching off a few flowers almost every day. And, a couple are spotted with a salt shaker eating fresh tomatoes.
The western fires have burned allot of sweetgrass areas and the White Sage areas,
Some sellars are now selling Canada sweet grass which is not the right Ceromonial sweetgrass. You can tell the difference by eye sight. The Canadian grass has purple stripes running down it and Native Sweetgrass does not. So be prepared that real sweetgrass has risen in price as well as Genuine White Sage Leaves.
Our main dot com site has been remodled and pages added.
Our CafePress shops have grown by leaps and bounds!
We now have over 140,000 one by one hand art designed products for the entire family.
Our Military art section is fantastic with gifts and gadgets for home, office and personal.
The list of clothing seems endless along with drink ware, pet items and even art prints each design is artist signed and available exclusive from us. Have fun exploring!
We have Holiday sections and gift cards for all occasions.

May Wakan Tanka encircle you and yours with faith to believe, hope for the future, and love for all….
Blessings Annlee and Bob