Monday, July 7, 2014

July at Annlee Cakes of Arkansas City, Kansas

July is starting out as a fabulous month.
We are excited to be able to offer 32 Coil Weaving genuine Native Craft items that were made in the 1960's, and brand new. They come from a private estate sale and the items were made by his wife whom is now across the Great Waters. They have been in storage each wrapped and protected from the time made. They are beautiful, functional and clearly depict the Traditional Craft of Yarn Weaving into baskets, plates and even hot plates for a table setting. There are only a very limited number available. Each is a one-of-a-kind and cannot be duplicated. So they are fantastic for display or for use today. A perfect gift idea for family and friends that love the Native Indian Culture.
Our new Bullszi shop is finally fully set up!
The gardens are growing and we are picking all sorts of veggies, and drying and collecting Native Herbs for teas, medicine and Kinnikinick.
My new book is doing great! The easy way is the instant download for $ 1.99
Bob's adventure of offering artist templates for just 99 cents is interesting.
What can you do with it?  Almost any thing.

Create your own Greeting Cards for one example.
Or hand out type information cards on business card sheets.

It is a template: Therefore you can add it to silk screened clothing.
It is a template you can use almost unlimited: Only you cannot sell it!
You cannot have it on products and sell them for a profit which would violate the artist copy rights.
Have you bookmarked our main dot com web site? From there you are kept up to date and can link to every site we have! Simple, safe and easy. We even have a new mobile link for all phones.

May Wakan Tanka encircle you and yours with faith to believe, hope for the future, and love for all.... Blessings  Annlee