Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Family Jewelers Great Bend, Kansas is a Gemologist

From our friends at Family Jewels, Great Bend, Kansas

Gemology is the is the science dealing with natural and artificial gems and gemstones. It is considered a geo-science and a branch of mineralogy. Some jewelers are academically trained gemologists and are qualified to identify and evaluate gems. Sadly, not everyone calling them self a jeweler is a trained gemologist. They are sales people hired to wait on customers like in chain stores or even in a jewelry store.

At Family Jewels and Silver Inc. in downtown Great Bend, Kansas our owner is a Gemologist GG and a fine design jeweler who owns a manufacturing Jewelry Store.

We make our jewelry right here in downtown Great Bend, Kansas.
We design wedding rings, rings, earrings, charms, bracelets and more in fine silver or in gold.
And, we carry millions of carets of gemstones every day.

Today is December 23rd and Christmas Season is soon coming to an end.
Yet! We are pouring castings every day now manufacturing our beautiful jewelry for Valentine's Day.
Yes! We start preparing for Valentine's Day ASAP. Fine jewelry takes time to design the final perfect item for that very Special Person on Valentines Day.

If you ever have a question? A concern? Or anything you would like to ask?
Contact us by email, or our contact form? Or simply give us a phone call.
Family Jewels and Silver Inc.
1911 Lakin Avenue
Great Bend, Ks  67530
Phone: 620-796-2252

Our online jewelry store link:        http://familyjewelsandsilverinc.com/

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