Thursday, December 4, 2014

Our Friend a Gemologist Jeweler in Great Bend, Kansas


We have now joined with our friend Larry in a new adventure for Annlee Cakes.

November 10th we drove to Great Bend with a full display of Native Regalia and added it to his jewelry store in downtown Great Bend. We have also added regalia to his brand new online jewelry store. Family Jewels and Silver Inc.

We know our friend is a Gemologist and a jeweler?
But were curious about the difference?

Larry provided the following for us to add to this blog.

What a Gemologist Knows? And is!
Many people are known as a jeweler, but may not be a Gemologist.
Here at Family Jewels and Silver Inc. we do know the difference.

A Gemologist studies the following, and has a very good working knowledge in these fields of gems and jewelry manufacturing.
Diamond Essentials
Diamonds & Diamond Grading
Colored Stone Essentials
Colored Stones
Gem Identification
Diamond Grading Lab
Colored Stone Grading Lab
Gem Identification Lab
Appraisals, Sales, and Custom Jewelry and Repair knowledge.

A Gemologist:
Inspects gemstones, such as diamonds, jade, sapphires, and rubies, to evaluate their genuineness, quality, and value, utilizing knowledge of gems and market valuations. Examines gem surfaces and internal structure, using polariscope, refractometer, microscope, and other optical instruments, to differentiate between stones, and identify rare specimens. Detects flaws, defects, or peculiarities affecting gem values.

Immerses stones in prescribed chemical solutions to determine specific gravities and key properties of gemstones or substitutes that indicate physical characteristics of stone for gem identification, quality determination, and for appraisal. Grades stones for color, perfection, and quality of cut. Identifies treatments that enhance the value of gemstones and gem materials. Estimates wholesale and retail value of gems, following pricing guides, market fluctuations, and various economic changes that affect distribution of precious stones. May advise customers and others in use of gems to create attractive jewelry items
A jeweler can be a gemologist...but it is not necessary to be a gemologist to be a jeweler. Jewelers are the fine people out there who sell jewelry, gemstones, and watches to the public. But for the most part, retail jewelers are not trained gemologists or appraisers. So simply because someone has been in the business for 10 or 20 years or more, does not make them a qualified gemologist or appraiser. Even though it may indeed make them a fine upstanding citizen in your local business community as a seen jeweler.
A gemologist is one who studies gemstone identification and grading. A good gemologist is not necessarily a good appraiser. But a good appraiser must be a good gemologists. How can this be? Well, a good gemologist will be someone who is constantly involved in the study of gemstones. One who deals daily in the world of gems.

What saddens me the most: 
Is when a person enters my store wanting a piece of jewelry re-sized or repaired only to discover it is not real and clearly not what they were told when they purchased it. Fast selling giant stores have sales people and not jewelers nor maybe not even a Gemologist on hand. Imported stuff that simply is not what they say it is. I suggest going to any jewelry store and finding out if they actually manufacture their jewelry in store. That is the real difference!
Larry is a Gemologist GG.
He works with gems, silver and gold every single day.
And, he is a manufacture of fine custom jewelry.
Larry is a hands on make it one at a time custom jeweler in Great Bend, Kansas.
And, is a recognized Court Expert Witness.

Family Jewels and Silver Inc.
1911 Lakin Avenue
Great Bend, Kansas 67530
Phone: 620-796-2252

Family Jewels and Silver Inc. has a full equipped Gem Lab.
Operated by our in-house Graduate Gemologist Larry.
We manufacture our jewelry in store!
We design jewelry in store.
We repair jewelry in store.
Your jewelry is in Larry's jewelers hands.

Visit and explore Native Crafts as well:  Family Jewels and Silver Inc.