Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Family Jewels is your Saint Patricks Day online jewelry store.

Take me gold and cast it into everlasting rings and things!
Saint Patrick's Day is a "Great Day" at Family Jewels and Silver. 
Did you know?
Green is really the wrong color to we should wear. 
Saint Patrick had his color and it was “Saint Patrick’s blue,” a light shade. 
The color green only became associated with the big day after it was linked to the Irish independence movement in the late 18th century and has continued as green from then to now.
The Shamrock was used by Saint Patrick to depict the Trinity as he spread the Christian Word.
Jewelry is a great way to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.
Believe it or not? The biggest item sought on this celebration are the Saint Patrick necklace medallions and charms.
Here at Family Jewels we cast them to order in sterling silver or in gold to the customers specifications.
So order early if you desire special casting? We are the manufacturer right here in the USA.

Did you know?
There are no female leprechauns in any Irish Lore?
March 17th and green gemstone jewelry day at Family Jewels.
We have green gemstone sterling silver dangle earrings and stud earrings to choose from. Along with pendants and rings to go with our sterling silver or gold charms and pendants. A full line selection!
emerald2.gifHand made right here in the USA 

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