Thursday, April 2, 2015

Buy diamonds in Great Bend, Kansas

April is the Diamond Month
The size is not what counts? But the thought behind giving it does.

At Family Jewels and Silver we know diamonds.

Diamonds are the product of millions of years and the heat of the Earth. Formed around volcanoes that bring the gemstones to the surface to be mined and discovered. Then cut to perfection! Known as the hardest natural stone upon the Earth. Brilliant and spectacular when mounted in fine jewelry. 

April birthstone diamond rings do not have to cost your entire paycheck at Family Jewels?
Our diamond rings in sterling silver start at just $ 49.00
That is right! 
Genuine diamond set in sterling silver at the wholesale price of just $ 49.00

We are your friendly and fair online diamond jeweler.

THE DIAMOND is a symbol of everlasting love between us humans.
A lasting testament of our true love for each other.
And of course gorgeous upon the hand of the one wearing the diamond.

We can design and then hand craft all engagement rings and the Wedding Ring set of your dreams.
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