Wednesday, May 6, 2015

K-96 June Jaunt art showing at Family Jewels and Silver Inc.

K-96 June Jaunt Art show will be held at Family Jewels in downtown Great Bend.
Featuring the original paintings and prints of Arkansas City artist and author pabear48.
Come see the "Watcher" or "Winter Warrior"
Winter Warrior

The artist will be here to autograph all prints for you!
K-96 June Jaunt is a fun filled three days for the family. Many activities all around Great Bend.
And, at Family Jewels 1911 Lakin Avenue in downtown there will be LIVE CRAFTING DEMONSTRATIONS
We invite you to explore the largest collection of Native Finished Crafts and Jewelry in Great Bend.
Brought to you by Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts from Arkansas City, Kansas.

Family Jewels is the direct manufacturer of fine jewelry in Great Bend, Kansas
To our hearing impaired friends. 
During the event we have a hand signer to assist you and answer questions.
We are your friendly Jewelry Store that knows you are just like family.

May you and yours have allot of fun at this years K-96 June Jaunt in Great Bend
Thanks for reading,
Larry McDilda