Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why your popup stopper may cause problems surfing by pabear48

For general information: 

Hope this aids those who have sent emails about this issue on their computers, tablets and phones.

Due to newer computers and systems they have the browser popup stopper units set so high that many sites that have used for years: SAFE auto links are not opening for people. That causes some frustration. This problem is increasing across the internet. 

What is the direct cause?
The problem is that your built in popup-stopper may be preventing auto links to open for you. That simple.

Most auto links are built to open a NEW WINDOW FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. 

We suggest you hold down your CTRL key and then try clicking the link you thought should have opened. If the link opens properly: Then it is absolutely the browsers built in popup stopper. 

The choice is continue to use the CTRL key to allow auto links: This always works.

Or if you are savvy of your popup stopper you can open it and check the box to 

ALWAYS ALLOW POPUPS FROM the site you are on: If you trust the site? Informational from pabear48. 
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Our site is good for testing this issue.