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Native American Wedding Bead Necklace from Annlee Cakes

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Crafts all Native American Indian pow wow and dance items, including seed beaded earrings, and regalia jewelry hand-crafted in traditional styles to the Native American Nation.
Last month we had the honor to craft a duplicate Native Wedding Drop Necklace from 1928.
The family contacted us and it was determined that the original drop necklace threading was very frail and that restoring it was not probable for they desired keeping it as is and as Grandma wore it at her wedding. They wanted the necklace able to be worn again.
The solution was recreating the art beaded Wedding Necklace. And the family agreed!
The video below depicts the recreation of this Traditional and Family Treasure.
The symbol within the drop necklace at first blush glance might appear offending?
However, if you know history it was a sacred symbol for thousands of years before being used by Germany.

For thousands of years it was used by many religious cultures including the Catholic Church. In fact, a young choir buy saw this symbol next to a Saint in his church. Many years he adopted this symbol for his terror reign. Fact!
The "hooked cross" as it was originally known also played a part in Native History, and can be found in caves and upon other things discovered in the Americas. Buddhists still use this symbol today with original points rather than end blocks.
Originally it meant peace or tranquility of spirit.
I share the above so those reading this understand it is not meant as how Germany miss-used it. Rather, to share it was used for over 12,000 years by others in a far better way.
I share the video to show my looming and art beading gifts from Mother.
I share because our Tradition is to share.

Please remember: To the Native Family and to Native Indians this symbol was and remains Sacred.
And, is still used by many Religions around the World today.
Family Jewels buys used Native Regalia
As well as all Turquoise and Silver jewelry.

Native American Regalia in Great Bend, Kansas

We have earrings, necklaces, rattles, dream Catchers,
feathers, Cuffs, fan handles, collectibles, medicine bags, art,
art prints and art originals and Warrior Items as well as beaded
strips. Find a design and change the colors by calling us and making a Special Order. Your Regalia is very personal!
To-Day beaded copies of designs are made commercially and in great numbers and yet there still are some traditional Medicine People who do hand-craft and create cultural styled regalia jewelry which is not commercially mass produced but are each hand crafted the traditional ways.
You can find real designer at Pow Wows by simply asking if they can craft YOU a Special Order item with the bones and decorations YOU PICK. If they can you discovered a real traditional designer and not a mass produced seller. It is like a REAL SEED DESIGNER who can create a Special Order design of YOUR CHOICE of colored seed beads to use in the finished pattern item. Mass produced people whom are simply sellers cannot do this simple test? Hand-crafting is a learned skill and it is an art of Culture and Traditions. And, please remember just as you go to work expecting a living wage in these days: So does a genuine traditional DESIGNER deserve the same concept and respect of their Mother Earth gifted abilities. WE ARE REAL GENUINE DESIGNERS...You like one of my designs but desire different colors...We can do that!
You have found a real bead art designer To-Day!
We have designers that are Registered Members of the following tribes: Pottawatomie, Iowa, Cherokee, Chippewa, Navajo, and more. We also have designers that are in the process of registration. And, we have some few that are masters in the styles of Native Regalia. On any item we are pleased to inform you of the designer if you request more information. email:
We can Peyote stitch decorate Your Raptor Feathers!
We use larger type for the vision impaired: We are not shouting.  

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