Friday, August 28, 2015

Who is the Most Wanted in Great Bend, Kansas

Kansas Most Wanted Alert

Most Wanted Jeweler in Great Bend, Kansas

Great Bend's Most Wanted Jeweler
Warning! Armed.....He is know to be armed! With a pocket full of gemstones.
Approach with caution! He has thousands of fun stories to tell.
Last seen eating a hot dog on Lakin Avenue, downtown Great Bend, Kansas

Wanted for manufacturing in real silver and Gold.

Wanted for designing with Genuine Diamonds.

Wanted for being a "Straight Forward" Graduate Gemologist.

Wanted for 40 Years of Experience in the jewelry business.

Wanted for making "Hand Cast" Fine Jewelry the old fashioned way. One at a time!

Wanted for selling genuine Diamond Rings starting at just $49.00 and up.

Wanted for being a friend of the Ants? Rumor has it he works them 24/7/365

Wanted for Roasting a Marshmallow in public.

Most Wanted Jeweler In Great Bend Kansas
Have you seen this jeweler?

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Finding a jeweler you can trust is like finding a doctor you can trust? It is an inner knowing that just makes you feel calm about them. Or an awareness that is strong in thought. 

There are so many grades of gemstones out there? Now with lab grown gems it becomes at times even more cloudy? Or one asks them self is this real gold or even if it is jewelry in real sterling silver? These questions are perfectly normal and should be asked.

I have known Larry for many years and his integrity is unquestionable.
He is a Graduate Gemologist who has been designing fine jewelry for over 40 years. His saddest job is when he has to deny repairing a piece of jewelry because he has to tell the customer it is not real or is such a cheap import piece that it cannot be repaired.  

I recommend Larry as your new family jeweler.

Visit his web site and read allot of the blogs to learn allot more about this open and friendly jeweler.