Friday, August 13, 2010

American Bald Eagles over Arkansas City, Kansas 67005

American Bald eagles were playing over the Arkansas City Fire Department building on Friday, August 13th 2010, and we had the pleasure of sitting and watching them from our swing. One flew below tree tops and swirled directly over our head, and not more than 30 feet above us.

We spotted them around 6pm and enjoyed watching three American Bald Eagles play in the air. While watching we believe it was a pair with a new yearling. We watched as one came swooping down at the smallest from a great height with claws barred. It pulled back only inches from the yearling’s beak with wings acting like brakes and uplift. Spectacular to see!

Twice the yearling landed in the tree next to the Fire Department.

I suspect it was the Mother trying to teach hunting ways to the yearling. The one we believe was the male stayed way higher in the air protecting and watching the other two gliding, and diving around the Fire Department building. We watched them until just before 7pm when they all flew due South East, and out of range for our binoculars.

A blessing! Annlee

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