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American Indian PowWow Style Regalia and Jewelry

Native American Style Indian Pow Wow Regalia and Dance Items.
Seed beaded earrings and jewelry. Traditional earrings and necklaces.
 HAND CRAFTED:  Arkansas City, Kansas

At Pow Wows I am available to make quick fixes to Regalia. Last year, I was honored when they brought me a downed Eagle Feather during activities in the Circle and I was able to repair it and have it returned to the Circle. This was a blessing from Creator and Mother Earth.

My name is Trulee Ann "Standlee" Wells and I hand craft all my items. I am a Medicine Woman

We enjoy crafting the Traditional style Native American crafts and even creating some designs.

Originally, woman wore wrap arounds of hides and furs. Some what wrapping them like we do the shawls of today. The shawls of today are a replacement for the hides and furs. The great Native American tribes have always hand crafted beautiful Native American dresses. Each clan or tribe using a decorative style which identified them one from the other.

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American Indian PowWow Regalia dresses are made for specific Native American cultural festivals and they were usually adorned with other special items such as embroidery,beadwork,ribbons and adornments the women could find such as sea shells. The Native American Clothing women would craft their dresses from included many different materials, depending on what was available to them at the time, and as woven cloths became available they started to craft them into Indian Costumes. Clearly, the Native American Indian Woman was a clever crafter using everything they could find around them. Today, many are returning to the wonders of crafting their Regalia with sometimes the aids of a crafter like myself as a guide.

Traditional Native American Clothing styles are being seen at the PowWows more every single year.
Regalia can be very colorful and adorned with feathers and beads. Seed beading arrived when the seeds appeared in trades with the trappers and were incorporated into Traditional Clothing almost immediatly and still are Today.                                                                                                                                          


Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts division would gladly enjoy helping you with your traditional  Pow Wow Regalia, and the extras like beaded earrings, jewelery and Circle Items. We are honored when anyone visits us at a PowWow or at our online store.       

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