Thursday, September 22, 2011

2011 Annual Ioway Tribe Pow Wow

One of our favorite Pow Wows is at The Annual Ioway Tribe Pow Wow near White Cloud, Kansas

We had the honor to attend the 2011 White Cloud Pow Wow at White Cloud, KS. Even though it rained most of the time, We enjoyed visiting with old friends and new friends the same. The Ioway Tribe has a new Pow Wow committee so things were just a bit different then the past years.

Bob makes beautiful walking sticks to sell at the pow wows. A Grandfather walked up with his grandson who wanted a walking stick. The young boy tried three or four and decided the one he wanted which his Grandfather was going to buy for him. Bob and the Grandfather began to discuss walking sticks! This old Warrior was fully dressed in his Military Uniform with medals and badges, hat, boots and more for the Flag Ceremony in the Great Circle. He was spit and polished!

The Old Warrior shared a storyabout a walking stick memory when he created one for his father and the story was long and the memories of sharing it brought tears to the edges of his eyes: As he remembered going to the woods and how they searched and looked and finally found one. Then carved off the bark and decorated it for his father. It was a great tale that had us all spell bound including his grandson and other family members that gathered in front of the booth to listen as he shared his tale for the very first time.

Although hiis grandson wanted to buy a walking stick: Bob reached out and gently retrieved it from the boys’ hand and said: ” I cannot sell you one today? For you have a GrandFather that can help you discover and make one as an adventure together.”

The Grandfather looked at Bob and nodded his head in agreement. The Grandson and the Old Warrior have an adventure Day of discovery later this year to find and create a walking stick.
We took with us a friend who had never been to a Tribal Pow Wow before. She enjoyed the learning of the dancers and the different regalia they wore. She also learned how to dance in the Great Circle. Many of the Woman dancers encouraged her to learn a little at a time: That way she will understand the traditions and customs of the pow wow. Other then the rain, she thorouthly enjoyed the experience.

We were not fully prepared for such heavy rains? Other venders came to our assitance and together we created rain stoppers and covers people could shop under. Bits and pieces of this and that were used. Quite an adventure!

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