Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One excited person! By Annlee Cakes of Arkansas City, Kansas

Excitement is in the air as we approach Easter with many bold new crads, mugs, clothing and a whole lot more. Our shop Bear Charms and More now has over 127,000 new art designed products for family, friends, home and office
Even more exciting is that our new dot come main site has gone ballistic! As many new people are discovering our brand new web site: Annlee Cakes .

We have been blessed and honored with so many great changes.

Spring is in the air as we prepare the raised gardens and the water displays for a fun summer.

Beading all Winter has brought some neat and very cute seed beaded items to my Native American Regalia online shop. I was able to design seed beaded mini-purses that are gorgeous and very usable. Although, they are in a very limited quantity and a choice of six dramatic colors. Three of each color until next time I can sit and bead some more. Take a peek!

Bob's newest book titled: Hray-Mah! The Earth is Gone? Has really taken off. But, his baby book

Nine Months Plus One Day has been a Kindle Unit success and paperbacks are rising in Germany and in Europe. Many college bookstores are now carrying his books. We find that a blessing.

The Bear Cave System of Interactive Caves has had over One Million visitors and growing!

Until later: Blessings........Annlee

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