Thursday, March 8, 2012

March came in like a lamb?

As March spreads it's wings over all of us in Arkansas City, Kansas we are remined that Spring jumps in at any moment. In fact, all our gardens are planted except for the tomato plants which need warmer weather.

Things have been quite busy around here and I and Bob prepare for the new season of pow wows and adding marvelous artwork designs to new products at Bear Charms and More . Especially the beautiful Easter Holiday items.

At our main business location in Arkansas City, Kansas we have started the water fountains and light displays at night. Sometimes we catch our neighbors (The Fireman) sitting and watching them very late at night. While many others simply drop by and sit on any of the benches or swings to watch the waters dance and glow.

We are quite excited about our new dot come and how traffic is now starting to pick up. It was a large choice to go dot com and it is like a trial and test to see what happens?

Have you visited Annlee Cakes ?

Have a great month: Blessings.......Annlee

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