Sunday, December 27, 2015

Nine Months Plus One Day by pabear48

Nine Months Plus One Day   by pabear48

The story told from inside the womb and told by the baby.
Sharing thoughts from their time with Creator until birth upon the Earth. 

Answering the questions of human nature like where do babies come from?

And why do pregnant women crave odd foods?
Answers from the "Magic Wall" will bring you up close and personal connection to the baby.

A perfect book  to read to your children and with safe illustrations.
When they ask?  "Where do babies come from?"

From Annlee:
I recommend this book to all women, and especially to all carrying a blessing. I believe this book could easily be used as a tutor for teenage children for sharing how and why children are conceived; and arrive into this world. In a true and comforting way of sharing the answers all children one day ask of their parents about where babies come from.

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Kansas author and artist pabear48