Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Annlee Cakes shares why buy Native Craft Beaded Jewelry

Why I think you should consider wearing Art Beaded Earrings.

Because they are beautiful and they are a Traditional piece of jewelry that will last for many years. Cleanable by dipping in soapy water and then rinsing and hanging to air dry. Fixable if you break one send it in for bead repair.

Owning a pair also helps support Native Crafts that are hand made and not like factory jewelry duplicated by the tens of thousands and sold in chain stores.

Art beaded earrings are tasteful and brilliant. And, come as post earrings, small. medium and long lengths.. You can also find one of our designs and order it in the colors of your choice. Try that at a chain store?

The most beautiful hand crafted items came after the introduction of beads, and especially colored beads. However, long before glass beads appeared?

Originally, Native American Indians crafted beads that were carved from natural materials like shells,coral,turquoise and stones or the metals like copper, silver, wood, amber, ivory, and animal bones, horns, quills, and some were discovered made from teeth. Glass beads were not used until the fur traders brought to the Natives in trade for furs. Glass beads quickly became part of American Indian Crafts culture. Today glass beads, particularly fine seed beads, are the primary materials for traditional bead artists of many tribes and adorn the finest of Regalia you may view in the Great Circle.

In closing, we invite you and your friends to visit and explore the Beautiful Native Jewelry at our friends Family Jewels.

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